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Sponsors & Donors 2013-2014 Season

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September 22, 2013

Willy Sucre & Friends - String Quartets

John & Dianna Shomaker (Silver)


October 6, 2013

Jon Nakamatsu - Piano

Vicki Gottlieb (Silver)

Shirley & Bob Ericson (Bronze)


November 17, 2013

Willy Sucre & Friends - West Shore Trio

Dave & Mary Colton (Gold)

Alan & BJ Firestone and the

Firestone Family Foundation (Gold)


December 15, 2013

Stu MacAskie Trio & David Felberg Quartet

Claudia Moraga (Platinum)

Susie Heide (Silver)

Rondi & Duane Thornton (Silver)


January 26, 2014

Willy Sucre & Friends - String Quartets

 Lafarge Sand & Gravel (Silver)

February 16, 2014

Duo Noire - Classical Guitar

Geri & Larry Verble (Bronze)


March 30, 2014

Willy Sucre & Friends - Piano Quintets

Happy Listening from

The Placitas Artists Series 

April 27, 2014

Ashu - Concert Saxophone

Sally & Jack Curro (Silver)


May 25, 2014

Willy Sucre & Friends - Cello Duo, Trio & Quintet

Joan Jander & Simon Shima (Bronze)



Whole Note

Jim Antosiak & Eda Weddington

Dale Atkinson & Samantha Lapin

Roger Blatz

Dave & Mary Colton

Mary H & Samuel Goldman

Henry & Judith Lackner

Norman & Judith Roderick


Half Note

Bill Byers

Judy & Wieland Elstner

Catherine Harris

Barbara Reeback & Del Packwood

Martha Ritchie

Pat Spaltro


Quarter Note

Jadvyga & Edward Biskis

Enid Bradley

John Bullock

Bill & Vangie Dunmire

Jackie Ericksen

Kenneth & Diane Gillen

Allen & Audrey Harrison

Susie & Jack Heide

Priscilla & Donald House

Shelley & Herb Koffler

Norma Libman

Karen Long

The Financial Maestro

Ted & Mary Morse

Rich Reif

Nancy Kellum-Rose & Scott Deuel

Gerhard & Evelyn Salinger

Lois Sharp

Karen Stone

Daniel F. Tack

Jane Napier & Jan Umma

Claudia Witzling


Eighth Note

Elizabeth Bogard

Betsy Nichols 

Ruth B. Smith



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